Baptism is a sacrament in the Lutheran Church through which we are welcomed into the community of faith and claimed as God's children. Baptism is a free gift of God which includes the gift of the Holy Spirit, friendship with God, forgiveness of sin, and the promise of eternal life.

At First Lutheran, baptism is available for all ages. We celebrate baptisms during worship throughout the year.

Scheduling a Baptism

For more information on baptism, or to schedule a baptism at First Lutheran, please contact us. Please have a date and worship time in mind, as well as sponsor/godparent information. Once we schedule a date with you, a pastor will contact you to arrange a time to meet with you in preparation for the baptism.

Click here to view "Welcome To Baptism: Beginning the Journey of Faith" brochure.

Baptism is also the first of our Milestone Ministries. Click here to learn more about Milestone Ministry at First Lutheran.