Milestone Ministry

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Milestone Ministry is the way in which we as a community celebrate and mark meaningful, memorable moments in our faith journey. Through Milestone Ministry, we honor the promises made in baptism, provide learning opportunities for families, and recommit ourselves as a congregation to nurture one another as the Body of Christ. Milestone Ministry begins with baptism and continues at different stages throughout our lives.

Milestones are marked by:

  • Blessing during worship

    All those who are celebrating a milestone together
    receive a blessing in worship with the entire faith



  • Learning and fellowship time

    milestone ministry learning and fellowship time bulletRecognizing the importance of parents in nurturing
    their child's faith, milestones celebrated during
    school years also include a family learning time.
    This time also provides an opportunity for those
    experiencing milestones together to build relationships
    and share their journeys with each other.

Milestones include:

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  • Baptism
  • 3 year old "Storybook Bible"
  • Kindergarten "Teach Me to pray"
  • Grade 2 "Holy Communion"
  • Grade 3 "Opening My Bible"
  • Grade 5 "What It Means to be Lutheran"
  • Grade 6 "Middle School Ministry"
  • Grade 7 "The Lord's Prayer"
  • Grade 8 "The Apostles Creed"
  • Grade 9 "Affirmation of Baptism" (Confirmation)
  • Grade 11 "Driver's License"
  • Grade 12 "Graduation"
  • All Saints Milestone

For more information about Milestone Ministry at First Lutheran, please contact Pastor Amy Odgren