Where in the World is Chigumukire?

by Robbie Joern

If you were at worship at First Lutheran on Sunday, December 1, you saw and heard that First Lutheran will build a Clinic for Children in the Chigumukire Congregation in Malawi as the global mission cornerstone project of our 150th Anniversary Celebration. Bringing greetings to First that morning were Rev. Joseph Banda from Malawi and Rev. John Sutherland from the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin-ELCA. Also on hand to share their enthusiasm for this exciting and important project were Lynn Fering, representing our 150th Anniversary Task Force, and Lori Roholt, representing the First Lutheran Foundation. Robbie Joern thought a singing lesson was in order to assist congregational members to learn how to pronounce "Chigumukire"!

The newly formed Chigumukire Clinic Task Force has met twice, but is still in the formative phase and is seeking more participants. If we ask you to join us, please give it your prayerful consideration and say "YES!" Even though we are new to this task, we realize that the famous generosity of First Lutheran will be counted on once again. Over the course of the next two years, we will find exciting and educational ways to inspire all of you to support the efforts of this Children's Clinic in Chigumukire.

Chigumukire Village can be found in the Salima Parish (our partner congregation) in the Central District of Malawi, Africa. Chigumukire: located in the Warm Heart of Africa and, hopefully now, in your heart, too! -RJ