A Message About Your Offering

After November 1st, all church offerings should be made to Spirit Lutheran rather than to First Lutheran or Our Savior's Lutheran. Spirit Lutheran's budget was approved at our October 11th congregational meeting. The budget was prepared using a unified budget approach. This means that there are no separate checkbooks for various groups in the church. Instead, if donations are given to the general fund, the general fund will be used to support the women's group, men's group, quilters, Christian Education program, Altar Guild, etc. With the unified budget approach, there will only be a couple of special funds as designated by Spirit's council. If you have been giving to First Lutheran or Our Savior's designated funds, know that as Spirit Lutheran, those funds may not exist anymore. Offerings given to the general fund will be used to support many of our favorite ministries through our new unified budget. As new or urgent ministry and mission needs come up, we will still have the ability to fund some "special" appeals from the general offerings. Spirit Lutheran Commissioners have already approved a Special Appeals Policy. See the policy below:

Spirit Lutheran Special Appeals Policy:
All attempts should be made for anticipated expenses to be included in the budget. If there will be a one-time expense, the possibility of a special appeal may be appropriate. A committee who has a budget request may determine if it is a one-time expense and if it would be appropriate to ask for a special appeal to cover this expense. The Finance Committee will determine if the special appeal is manageable. Upon review of the budgets by the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee will bring forth their recommendation on the proposed special appeal to the Council. The Council and Pastor will be the governing body to determine if a special appeal is appropriate. If the special appeal is accepted, the Council and Pastor will determine the month during which the appeal will occur. This will allow for better planning of the appeal and eliminate duplicate appeals occurring at the same time.

All special appeals must have the following statement: Any funds exceeding the amount needed will be redirected to a similar ministry or general fund at the recommendation of the Finance Committee to the Church Council.

Some standing appeals which would not be required to go through the above process could be:
Youth mission trips
ELCA Disaster Relief (these can occur at any time during the year and cannot be predicted)
World Hunger
Building for our Future
Weekend Kids Meals
Youth Campership & Youth churchmanship Award Fund (currently First Lutheran's Dale Rasmussen Fund)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Spirit Lutheran Congregational Council or Brenda Thalacker, Spirit Lutheran Accountant.