CPR and the Dream Teams Establish a Timeline

CPR and the Dream Teams Establish a Timeline

In November, 2014, the Common Purpose Relationship Task Force (CPR) shared a vision which invited more people to give input into imagining how bringing two congregations together might look in its form and function.  Seven Dream Teams were formed with 3 members from First and 3 members from Our Savior's on each team.  After meeting together in a kick-off meeting on January 18, 2015, the teams began their work.


Asking God to give them direction, the Dream Teams have imagined ways that God could work through our partnering to bless the community around us, the City of Eau Claire, and God's mission in the world.  Their task has been to dream of a mission and vision that we could have together.  All seven teams reported their progress to each other on Sunday, March 15, 2015. They shared their ideas, dreams and suggestions, many of which were creative ways to be the people of God in this time and place and into the future.  Teams reported that the Spirit of God was most certainly with them, and that the groups have grown close, bonding with the people they have worked so closely with.  A vision for ministry is emerging, even as the teams will now go back for a final opportunity to refine that vision.


The CPR team inquired if Dream Teams could be ready to present their findings to our congregations shortly, and it was agreed that all final touches would be made on their presentations following this proposed timeframe:


  • April 12 -  All Dream Teams' finalized recommendations to the CPR Team. 
  • April 21 - Both Councils meet. CPR Team will share the finalized recommendations and receive questions and suggestions from our councils. Each council will then meet separately for a discussion and for their regular council meetings.
  • April 26 - Each congregation will receive a presentation of the collective vision and hear the ideas and dreams that have come from the Dream Teams, CPR Team, and our Councils.
  • May - Both congregations will spend the month in discussions, prayer, and discernment regarding what God's future for our two congregations might be.
  • June 7 - Each congregation will vote on the vision presented to our congregations. Will we work together toward a new future? 


The first joint worship service with Our Savior's and First Lutheran was April 6, 2014.  Our relationship has grown over the past year as we have worshipped, served, and shared our faith with one another.  Our collaborative work has been sustained through prayer, hard work in joining together in many ways, and an abiding friendship that has blessed us all.  We have embodied living out the Body of Christ and are better communities of faith for pursuing our conversations and friendships that have developed through this process. Soon begins the work of the people. Please keep this uppermost on your prayer lists. Please do not think that this is a finished work.  All that we do is a work in motion, so please comment, write emails and letters to our teams, and let them know your thoughts regarding this relationship.  Can we serve Jesus better together?  What can we do together that we cannot do alone?  What does our working together say to a community who so desperately needs the Good News?   God bless you in your discernment process, and may each congregation be strengthened and blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ.  May God's will be done.


Pastor Amy and Pastor Gail