God's Work. Our Hands. -- August 16, 2015

Many were blessed. You made the difference!

Here's how:

+ 400 bandages will go all over the world via Global Health Ministries to provide the most basic healthcare assistance.

+ Plymouth Street Ministry, direct care to Eau Claire's homeless, now has a more organized space to find just the exact article of clothing that someone will need as the weather changes.

+ Over 65 volunteers were fed a nutritious lunch after their hard work!  Volunteers continued their work by assisting with the luncheon clean-up!

+ Guests at Beacon House, a homeless shelter for families, were treated to a warm brunch that's a real change from their usual cold cereal breakfast.

+ An entire team learned about the work of the Boys and Girls Club in Downtown Eau Claire!

+ Over 38 of our members in 16 assisted-living facilities received a hand-delivered paper flower in a pot! Many enjoyed the visit as much as the gift delightfully enhanced by our children.

+ One homeowner (a congregation member) was blessed by a weeded garden, something that is now very difficult to accomplish due to the owner's health issues.

+ The invasive weed count is far less at Boyd Prairie Park!

+ A storage unit filled with household items is now very well organized so that individuals can pick just the items they need for their new situation - life off the streets!

+ When folks were waiting for lunch to be served, there was a DIY work station for those who were still anxious to help by ripping sheets and cleaning off the loose threads to make the next set of bandages!