Sherman STARS A' Rising!

First Lutheran is launching its fourth year of partnership with Sherman Creek Elementary School.  We celebrated our partnership in September by entering our second year of involvement with Weekend Kids' Meals.  Because there is so much more to our partnership than this, we're introducing a weekly column to highlight other ways to partner with Sherman. This week, we begin with a history lesson.

J. Sidney Sherman was a farmer who cared about children's education.  On October 3, 1868, the first school board meeting for Sherman School was held at his house.  The school was built on the east side of J. Sidney Sherman's farm, which he had donated as a school site for ninety nine years.  In gratitude for the land, the school was named Sherman Elementary.  As we explore the history of the school, we'll be sure to share them with you in future editions of this column.  Thanks for reading about our school partner!