Beacon House Kitchen Shower

Thank You to all who contributed to the, "Spice up The Beacon House Kitchen Shower".  Your generosity is overwhelming and much appreciated. Everything requested was either donated or purchased with cash donations totaling nearly $400. We put all the items in the kitchen at Beacon House on Sunday February 22nd. With the help of Beacon House staff, we replaced old items with new and discarded anything worn out. If items continued to be functional we put them in the pantry that is used to supply families for setting up housing. There was a supply of Corelle plates and bowls in the cabinets so we kept them and purchased additional to total what was needed.  We washed and labeled cabinets so that the items can be easily found and put back where they belong.  Thank You again for your generosity!

Esther Hager, Linda Knott

First Lutheran Church IHN