Linking Us Together with Care

Do you ever end a conversation or an email with the phrase, "Take care"?  In this surprising world where we live, this phrase reflects a genuine concern about the welfare of the one being greeted.  It says that in the midst of all the things that might go wrong, I'm wishing you the best and encouraging you to take an extra measure of care as well.


Eau Claire works hard to provide basic services for those who need them, but not every life emergency can be anticipated.  Sometimes a person needs a little extra help for something that only cash or a voucher will fix.  Enter CARELink.


What is CARELink?  The CARELink program, funded by congregations and administered by The Salvation Army, provides a referral system for participating churches.  The program is designed to aid individuals and families in the greater Eau Claire area who are seeking financial assistance for transportation, housing, food, clothing, and more.  The referral system provides participating congregations a structured means of distributing monies for social services purposes.


How does CARELink work?   Clients who ask for financial assistance at any of the participating CARELink congregations are asked to fill out a short referral form.  The client then takes a copy of the completed form to the Salvation Army office on Hastings Way in Eau Claire where professional staff interview them.  Each client's legitimate need is then determined by utilizing human services information networks.  CARELink funds are used to address these needs on a case by case basis.  A referral from a CARELink congregation is not a guarantee of assistance; it simply provides a way to get the conversation started and to track requests for assistance over time.


The Salvation Army takes great care in administrating the financial assistance they receive from participating congregations.  In this world of increasing need, First Lutheran is proud to be a covenanted member of CARELink, taking care.