Campus Harvest Food Pantry Makes a Difference

Last spring at UW-EC, students were encouraged to fill out a survey. The results revealed that a high percentage of students identified themselves as needing supplemental food assistance. In September, with the help of student volunteers, the Campus Harvest food pantry opened to serve UW-EC students exclusively. Our own Julie Carr is the Administrative Supervisor for the pantry as well as the University Executive Staff Assistant.

The numbers are telling. The pantry reports the following for the month of October:

1. 551  pounds of food purchased at Feed My People Food Bank

2. 1015 pounds of food were donated to Campus Harvest

3. 1252 pounds were given to students

4. 91 students registered at the pantry

5. 155 student visits during the month

6. 23 students visiting more than twice per month

7. 23 families (more than 1 person in the household)

8. 3 families with one child

Donations of food to the pantry (in pounds of food) were three times higher in October than in September. The number of pounds of food given to students in October is 109% higher than in September. The number of students visiting the pantry nearly doubled in October, and the number of families quadrupled.

If you know of a student at UW-EC that is struggling with food insecurity, please suggest that they visit the Campus Harvest website for more information:

Julie says that there's always a need for paper and plastic bags for Campus Harvest. Please watch for a donation tub near First Lutheran's church office where you can place bags you wish to donate. You'll also be able to find information on how to donate to the vital work of the pantry. We wish to share our deep appreciation for Julie Carr for letting her light shine in order to help others.