Celebrating Spirit Lutheran Preschool Rainbow World

In 1982, a planning committee was formed with the task of determining if Our Saviors Lutheran Church was ready to join other churches in the Eau Claire area in providing a Christian based preschool program. A survey verified a readiness and excitement among young families to support and uplift a new ministry. A huge amount of time and energy went into this project involving many people and months of planning.

In the fall of 1983 Our Saviors Lutheran Preschool - Rainbow World opened its' doors. Classes consisted of morning 3 and 4 year olds. As time went on an afternoon 4-year-old class was added. For many years, Our Savior's held a wonderful reputation for providing young children with a play-based program while ensuring strong readiness skills were in place.

The preschool participated in community-based programs as well as within the congregation. We provided Beacon House with birthday bags and collected pet food for the Eau Claire animal shelter. Our many Christmas program offerings helped unmet needs. One of our favorite times during the year was filling the "Rainbow World Wagon" with donations of food for the food pantry. Another time the children donated a used toy to the church nursery. This was a hard one but sharing is one of the cornerstones of preschool ministry. We collected pennies and made First Aid kits for another program in the area. There were so many opportunities to model God's love.

One summer, the preschool was excited to learn that the Christmas-in-July offering would go toward creating a playground in the courtyard area. Many people helped by donating materials for our fence, laying the brick sidewalks, etc. What a fabulous fellowship this was! The entire congregation took part in a special dedication. So many children have benefited from this special play space.

A grand friends program was established within the congregation. Our wonderful June Paulsen and Sonja Teigen were so supportive and faithful during many years. Many other grand friend relationships were made.

For 33 years, this ministry has been supported and loved by members of the former Our Savior's Lutheran Church. I see this as a long and faithful relationship with the community at large and our congregation. God always helped us find a way when times were hard and money scarce. He picked us up when times were trying and communication was at a low. We could always count on God's help, no matter what the situation.

I am so honored to have been a part of this ministry for so many years. The children have taught me as much as I have taught them. The memories of their sweet words, kind hearts, and unconditional love will be with me always.

This is our good-bye song we sing to each other before we leave for the day.

Thank you God, thank you God for
all you give to me.
Thank you God, thank you God,
your child I'll always be.
Goodbye, goodbye to you and you and you.
Goodbye, goodbye, may God watch over you!

As we finish singing, we make the sign of the Rainbow over each other.

From all the Rainbow World kids throughout the years, we wish you a beautiful Rainbow.

Judy Berg
Rainbow World Preschool