News & Thanks from Your 150th Anniversary Task Force

The Complete Chronology of the History of First Lutheran Church is available at this link:  First Lutheran Church Chronology

The 150th Anniversary Directories are in!  If you didn't get yours on Sunday, May 3, the directories will be available in the church office during the week.  We will also distribute them before and after church the next few Sundays.  If you are not pictured in the directory, they are available for purchase at $5.00 per directory. 

Watch the Sunday Announcements on the Big Screen before worship to see all the individuals and businesses whose donations helped make our celebration such a huge success.  Thank you!

Thank you for making our 150th Anniversary Celebration kick off on Sunday, May 3 such an amazing and wonderful celebration.

  • Church staff and members made donations of time, materials, and resources, prepared materials, planned, moved furniture, gardened and planted, set up displays, hauled decorations, decorated the church, baked cookies, served coffee and cookies, greeted, ushered, served the meal, and helped with cleanup.  Bless you!
  • You warmly welcomed our returning clergy and the sons and daughters of our congregation.  
  • You filled the sanctuary to worship, sing, play instruments, thank God, pray, and celebrate as we Remember. . .  How wonderful it was to have so many present to worship and praise our great God together.
  • You joined in fellowship and conversation over our delicious luncheon following worship.  Thank you, Kayla Peak (caterer) and family!
  • You generously supported our 150th Anniversary global mission project in Chigumukire Village, Malawi with your offering and your freewill donation for the luncheon.
  • You were gracious and generous in expressing gratitude to the 150th Task Force.

We are truly blessed to be a small part of this 150-year-old community of faith.  Thank you!


I will remember your great deeds, Lord; I will recall the wonders you did in the past. 

I will think about all that you have done.    Psalm 17:11