A Success Story from The Chippewa Valley Free Clinic

by Robbie Joern, Coordinator of Mission and Outreach

First Lutheran's February Mission of the Month is the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic (CVFC).  For over 17 years the Clinic has been serving those in the Chippewa Valley who have no other place to go for health care.  CVFC has been successful in transforming the health of countless individuals.  Here's one man's story:

 A 41 year old male living in Eau Claire came into the CVFC for help with severe dental pain.  At the time, he was trying to turn his life around.  He had a history of alcoholism, and was trying to earn his GED.  He was referred to Chippewa Valley Dental, but they discovered that they were unable to help him due to his uncontrolled hypertension.  As a result, he returned to the CVFC where the clinic staff worked with him to successfully lower his blood pressure which, in turn, allowed resolution of his dental issues.  He has since gone on to earn his GED and is now enrolled as a student at UW-EC where he is thriving.

Who doesn't want to stand up and cheer at news like that?  Well, it happens all the time at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic, our community clinic that provides basic health care, keeping sick people out of our community emergency rooms where the care is very expensive.  In the coming weeks, we will highlight the various aspects of care that the clinic provides as we celebrate this Mission of the Month.

In the meantime, we say Thank You to all who have helped First Lutheran prepare and serve nutritious, delicious meals for CVFC volunteers on the third Tuesday of each month.   This meal is a small but significant way that First Lutheran supports the work of CVFC.  Take the time to join in by either assisting in the purchase of meal ingredients or by helping to prepare it.

There's another opportunity available to all of you at CONNECTIONS on February 5, when we use the mission hands-on time to make homemade Valentines for the patients at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic.  Come for a delicious meal, stay for worship and take time to make a Valentine or two.  We welcome your time, financial support and creativity in making heart-healing Valentines for someone in our community who could use a little cheer!  -RJ