Saints Who Serve

by Robbie Joern, Coordinator of Mission and Outreach


Most of the time when I write an article about the Mission of the Month, I take the big picture view, with a hope that even in the large screen scenario, there will be something to activate an individual response.

This one is different.  I've recently become aware of certain individuals in our faith community who have found their own way to assist the Mission of the Month in their own particular life situations.  I'm not suggesting that you do what they've done, but maybe this will trigger a thought that's unique to you.  All I can say is that these individuals, without exception, were delighted that what they were able to do worked so well for someone else who needed the assistance.

Saint #1:  This saint contacted me to inquire if Nordic sweaters would be welcome at either Sojourner House or Beacon House.  As these items were described, I replied heartily, "Yes!"  Instead of packing them up and expecting someone else to deliver them, this saint made four trips to these two locations to deliver these wonderful warm sweaters!  Our saint couldn't have been happier to have a clean closet AND the knowledge that their no-longer -worn items will be used again.

Saints #2 & #3:  OK, this is a married couple!  While the USA has recently experienced a riot of weather - everything from four feet of snow in South Dakota to nine tornados in the middle of the country and a potential hurricane that thankfully was downgraded to a tropical storm.  Here in Eau Claire, it has been gray & rainy.  Not fun.  I suppose that one could rent a pile of movies and settle in, but this couple has taken rough weather weekends to a new missional height.  Bad weather?  They head for their closets and do some serious thinning!  And these clothes aren't the ones with years of wear & tear, but the really good stuff.  As a matter of fact, they donate so much good stuff that three different missions typically benefit from their generosity.  The moral of this lesson?  The family that down sizes together, stays together. 

Saint #4:  Here's another idea.  Maybe your growing family could use another line of income.  Even though you've got lots going on, you make the decision to work in one more thing that adds a little more to the family coffers.  In this case, the individual involved came to me and asked how they could support the mission of the month.  Would it be ok to take their commission and then just donate it to either one of the mission partners?  Would it be ok?  You bet it would be ok!  Even though these are still tough economic times, maybe we can take a little (or more!) off the top and just give it away. 

Here's what these four saints DON'T have in common.  They are different ages, live in varying home situations all over town and aren't likely to spend time together socially, although they would have a good time, if they did!  What's the common bond?  A community of faith reaching out in the name of Jesus Christ.  Your turn!   -RJ