Frequently Asked Questions: Collaboration Between First Lutheran and Our Savior's Lutheran Churches

Because there have been many questions raised and some misconceptions shared regarding the collaboration between Our Savior's Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church, the C.P.R. (Common Purpose Relationship) Task Force has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet to help communicate clear and concise information about this process.

Frequently Asked Questions #1 - Our Savior's and First Lutheran

As relationships strengthen between one another and collaboration continues, perhaps questions will change and answers will deepen. The Task Force is committed to keep responding to our congregations with up-to-date information. Most likely, more Frequently Asked Questions fact sheets are to come. It is acknowledged that it's difficult to respond to some of the public misinformation that some of us run into at the coffee shops, the grocery store, the bank, etc. These fact sheets are being developed not only to assist in clear communication within our congregations, but can also be used as a tool as Our Savior's and First Lutheran tell their story of unity boldly in the community around us. If you have a question or comment about the collaboration process, please bring all concerns to the pastors, the congregational council members, or to the C.P.R. task force members listed at the bottom of the current Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet. We are all journalists in communicating the story of this new chapter in the history of Our Savior's and First Lutheran.  Our hope is that it will be journalism of fact and transparency.