Weekend Kids' Meals

Spirit Lutheran's September Mission of the Month

What could be a better time than September to feature our Mission of the Month - Weekend Kids' Meals (WKM)?  This wonderful program of Feed My People Food Bank (FMP) ensures that children with food security challenges in the Eau Claire School District will enjoy two breakfast and two lunch meals over the weekends.  Double lunches are provided over the extended holiday breaks.

Where does Spirit Lutheran fit it?  Spirit Lutheran, partnering with Grace Lutheran, fulfills 3 requirements of this program:

                +  In a month's time, we provide sponsorships to 120 students, the typical number who apply for this program.  Each student sponsorship costs $75, which is a great buy when you consider the rising cost of food we've recently experienced.  In total, our two congregations (Spirit and Grace Lutheran) will raise $9,000!  Please consider joining with another member or two to bring down the cost, but still sponsor a student at Sherman.

                +  Every participating congregation signs up for three  Wednesday packs that start at 4 p.m. at the FMP warehouse on 2610 Alpine Road in Eau Claire.  The combined dates for Grace Lutheran and Spirit Lutheran packs are:  September 23, November 18, and December 9.   We need 10 to 15 people for each pack!

                +  Every Friday during the school year, drivers are needed to take boxes of lunches from FMP's warehouse to the loading dock at Sherman Elementary.  Signup sheets for deliveries can be found in the these locations:  Main Street - glass doors in the narthex; Oxford Ave. - white board next to the office; Grace Lutheran - Elizabeth Circle.    Thank you everyone!

Additional Ways to Serve!

Sherman Elementary is a large school with a population of 500 students from Kindergarten to 5th grade!  There are a variety of ways that congregational members can serve in the building: 

1)     The library is a really busy place and there's a need for volunteers who could commit to come to the library once per week (or once every two weeks) and re-stack books.

2)     Vision/Hearing Screenings - 2 or 3 times per year, at least 10 volunteers are needed.  The time commitment for each screening is approximately  2 ½ hours. 

3)     Classroom Assistant - On the form that volunteers complete (which includes a background check section), applicants designate their classroom assistance  preferences.  Effort will be made to match you with your specific interest/ability.

Thank you for exploring all the different ways we can assist teachers , students and staff at Sherman Elementary!  Now get out that pencil and start circling some dates on your calendar!