Drop Your Drawers Campaign - A Big Success!

Many hands and hearts, not to mention legs and feet went into a very successful NW Synod-wide Women's campaign to respond compassionately to the plight of teens crossing the Texas border from several Central American countries.  Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) reports that the number of teens who have arrived is now over 70,000.  Lutheran Social Services of the South, working in three separate locations in Texas, has worked hard to offer assistance to the teens who have walked this treacherous journey. Immediate needs include outer wear, shoes and socks, towels and wash cloths, toiletries and various forms of 'under wear' - thus contributing to the name of this campaign - "Drop Your Drawers"!

While the Women of the NW Synod collected items in their representative home congregations, it was the Spring Renewal events that became the collection points for the many boxes and bags filled with the needed items.  Ultimately, these bags and boxes found their way to First Lutheran's second floor, where they were organized by item and size.  Boxes were labeled and on May 17th, a team arrived to place the many boxes onto pallets and shrink-wrap them for shipping (shortly before the heavens opened up with driving rain).  On May 19th, a large truck arrived and took them away.  We were delighted to learn that the freight costs to get the items to Texas have all been donated!  So many hands doing God's work!  Thank you everyone!

"Drop Your Drawers" photo gallery link.