"God's Work. Our Hands." Sunday - A Wrap-up of July 27, 2014

A sea of bright yellow T shirts… A praise band representing 3 faith communities… A Sunday of mission/ministry engagement in Eau Claire for everyone!

Special things happen when faith communities worship and break bread together.  But when you add our hands doing God's work, things become really exciting. We are bound together as we work in service to our world, our country, and local systems that support our community.

On July 27, we took action to give joy, attention and practical assistance to missions that are in relationship with our faith communities:

1. Children and their families decorated flower pots that were later given to our members in nursing homes and places of assisted living.

2. More than twenty hard-working "Prairie Power Pullers" pulled out invasive plant species and rogue elms from the Boyd Prairie Park.

3. Our "Fierce Painting" team reported that they joined the staff of Fierce Freedom and their spouses to paint their new office in a warm buttercream yellow. Fierce Freedom is a local advocacy organization dedicated to helping the victims of human trafficking in the Eau Claire area.

4. The" Army of Yard Work Salvation" team whacked weeds, pruned shrubs, and pulled weeds at The Salvation Army's facility on Hastings Way. The team reported a marked difference in the appearance of the Salvation Army's property as a result of their efforts.

5. At Bolton Refuge House, our "Refuge Gardeners" not only had a contest to see who could pull the largest weed, (kudos to Alexis!) but enjoyed knowing their work of weeding and adding mulch to the garden was appreciated by passing walkers and bicyclists.

6. An inter-generational team of organizers worked at Positive Avenues, a day care center for homeless adults. They had a great time sorting the myriad of donated items that are used to keep up the spirits of those who find a daytime home there.

7. Children, working with older youth of First Lutheran, took time during worship to decorate small pots filled with colorful flowers that were later delivered to area nursing homes and assisted living centers, bringing joy to members of our faith communities.

8. In little more than an hour's time, a team working in First Lutheran's lounge rolled 277 cloth bandages destined for Global Health Ministries and cleaned off cloth strips for even more bandages.

9. Our "Blest Be the Tie That Binds" team tied 5 blankets for area shelters.

10. Many hands went into making and serving (and cleaning up after) a celebratory meal for the service teams.

11. Each of these teams, their work, and the mission partners we served were held up in prayer by our prayer group in First Lutheran's chapel. The power of their prayer resonated through everyone engaged in and touched by our service teams.

We thank all the team leaders and team members, hosts at the work sites and the staffs of both Our Savior's and First Lutheran Churches for their invaluable support.  Every hand was needed to make this a successful day!