God's Work, Our Hands

by Pastor Amy Odgren


             Your First Lutheran staff is amazed by the sharing of gifts and talents that so many of our faithful members volunteer for the on-going mission and ministry of the gospel expressed through this congregation, the community, and throughout the world.  There are countless ways in which all of us can engage the gifts that God has given us as we share the love of Christ to others.  It's in this engagement that we truly live out our baptismal identity as participants in God's mission in the world.  As a way to recognize and thank people for their generous gift of volunteering, we will highlight particular ministries that go on within the life of First Lutheran by featuring them in our newsletter, describing what the ministry entails, inviting others to join in as their gifts might warrant, and then praying for the ministry during our Sunday worship together. In the past few weeks, we have recognized those who decorated our church home during Advent and Christmas, as well as those who have participated in the prayer shawl ministry.

This week, we lift up those faithful servants who work tirelessly on our building and grounds.  There are numerous people who give of their time in painting; fixing things that need attention; assisting our custodians in mowing, shoveling and hauling leaves; installing appliances, wiring, plumbing, and assessing our heating/cooling effectiveness.  In addition, countless individuals were involved in Chapel renovations as the Emmaus worship moved from the auditorium in late Fall.  Several of our members volunteer their skills that they use in their paid vocations, but many work side by side and in cooperation with others who are affective mentors and teachers.  We give thanks for those who are generous with their time and commitment to the building and grounds of First Lutheran.  If you have maintenance skills that you would like to volunteer, or if you would like to work with others who can use a lending hand in this capacity, please contact the church office 715-832-8321.  It's God's work, Our Hands!  -AO