Running Away from Home

We are lonely and neglected, so we are running away from home. For far too long we have not been held, or cuddled, or loved. We have been shelved and have endured watching you walk by as though we do not exist. So, we are each heading out in search of new homes. I will go to be a resource for a student at Lay School. Some of my friends will go to First Lutheran Preschool, others to the Synod Resource Center. Many hope to find their way to children's corners at Beacon House, or maybe The Community Table. Bolton Refuge House may be graced with a few of us to encourage the women who go there. The aged among us will go to the Historical Room, and those with Scandinavian roots will find their way to the Ager House. If you want to reconnect with one of us, if we are still there, come down to the library in First Lutheran's Assembly, find us and take us home. Those of us that choose to stay will place ourselves up for adoption at the Miracle Sale or the Public Library Book Sale.


Sincerely, Your Library Books.