The Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is, first and foremost, worship of the God who calls a couple together in marriage. Keeping this in mind will help give you a clearer vision of how to plan for your wedding. The pastor and wedding coordinator will also work with you to make your wedding a meaningful and worshipful experience and help you determine what is appropriate for worship.

Order of Worship

The wedding coordinator will provide you with an order of worship and go over the wedding ceremony with you. Most elements of the wedding ceremony are predetermined, though there is certainly room to add your personal touch. This is typically done through music selections, scripture readings, and choosing to have a Unity Candle or Unity Sand. If you have other ideas or changes you would like to incorporate, feel free to discuss them with the pastor. Final determination of the worship order will be at the discretion of the pastor.

Holy Communion

Incorporating Holy Communion into your wedding can be a meaningful way to engage your guests in worship. If you would like to have Holy Communion served in your wedding, please let your wedding coordinator know. The pastor will then work with you to put together the worship order and arrange for serving Communion within your wedding ceremony.

Vows and Scripture Lessons

Usually the vows provided by the pastor will be used in the wedding; alternative vows will be acceptable with the consent of the pastor. You may select up to three Scripture passages for use in the service; otherwise, the pastor will select appropriate wedding texts. The pastor will go through wedding vows and discuss scripture choices with you when you meet prior to your wedding day.

Click here for a list of recommendations for scripture readings to be used in your wedding.


You are welcome to arrange for the printing of a wedding bulletin. Although we do not provide this service, the pastor or wedding coordinator will provide you with an outline of the Order of Worship and assist you with the content of the publication.

Wedding Music

Because the Christian wedding is an act of worship, all music should be appropriate for worship and point people to God. If you choose to utilize our organist or other musicians, they will work with you to select appropriate music and offer several suggestions for music selections. If you have suggestions or preferences for music selections, please share them with the musicians and the pastor. Final determination of what music may be used will be at the discretion of the pastor, or the musicians based on what they are capable and willing to play.

The wedding ceremony typically includes three music selections: the processional, special music selection (often during the unity candle/sand), and a recessional. However, processionals may involve three music selections; one for seating of immediate family and special guests, one for the wedding party and one for the bride. The special music selection may be a hymn, solo, or instrumental. The singing of hymns is an option which allows the assembled congregation to actively participate in worship. You may also ask for further suggestions from the musicians when you contact them.

Click here for a list of wedding music suggestions.

If you choose to have prerecorded music played for your wedding, or if you have multiple musicians or instruments requiring the use of a sound mixer, please let your wedding coordinator know, and we will provide you with a sound technician for an additional fee. Any prerecorded music selections must be verified with the pastor and turned into the church office on CD one week prior to the wedding date.

Ring Bearers, Flower Girls, Junior Bridesmaids

We are delighted to include children as members of the wedding party. However, we suggest you consider the special "challenge" for those children who are very young. The ceremony seems very long to little ones, so we ask you to keep this in mind when selecting youngsters for a role in the wedding. If you have a flower girl throw petals in the aisle, these must also be cleaned up following the ceremony.


You are welcome to select one or two people to read the scripture lessons during the wedding. Readers should be able to project vocally and speak distinctly. They need to be present at the wedding rehearsal to receive instructions from the wedding coordinator and to become familiar with the sound system in the facility.

Wedding Rehearsal

Rehearsals are usually held the evening prior to the day of the wedding. The rehearsal normally takes between 45 minutes to an hour. All persons involved in the wedding should be present and on time, to include ushers, immediate family, readers, and the entire wedding party. The wedding coordinator and officiating pastor will run the rehearsal and guide all participants in their respective roles. Ushers will learn of their special responsibilities. Parents of the wedding couple should also attend so they know escorting procedures and seating placement. The entire wedding party and any readers should also be present.

All arrangements for the wedding ceremony must be made with the pastor and wedding coordinator prior to the rehearsal; rehearsals are not the time for last minute changes. The wedding coordinator and officiating pastor will guide participants through details, responsibilities, and movement in the wedding.

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